Racer Football Alumni Association Officially Launches




After months of planning, we proudly announce the newly created, Racer Football Alumni Association, LLC.

Since 1924, many proud men have worn the jersey of the Thoroughbreds and Racers. Through name and stadium changes the Racer Tradition has continued to build. Many of us look back fondly on our time spent at MSU and are proud to have been called a Racer.  After playing that last snap, you do not lose your title as a Racer, “Once a Racer, Always a Racer” has proudly become a rallying cry for all Racer football alumni.

Our Association was created to increase football alumni awareness and involvement with the Racer football program.  We have strived to create an avenue to reconnect former players, coaches and friends of the program no matter where they are currently located.  Our website was designed to provide current and relevant information about Racer Football, please visit us at www.racerfootballalumni.com.   We’ve also set up an email for you to provide feedback or to ask questions concerning the Association and our mission.  Please feel free to email us at racerfootballalumni@gmail.com.

Our #1 GOAL as an Association is to help the Racer Football program with the resources needed to again compete for championships.  Today, the gap between the top performing programs in our division and our conference is widening. To help the program close the gap it needs all our financial support. The Association web site provides several secure and convenient ways to donate.  Please consider donating today by clicking here! 

The Association has applied for a 501(c)3 non-profit status with the IRS and your donation may be tax deductible once our application has been approved by the IRS. Rest assured our Association is committed to being a good steward of your donations and we are committed to periodic financial reports providing donors with visibility to the directed disbursement of funds supporting the football program. With your financial help, we will play for CHAMPIONSHIPS again! 

In closing, look for information on the website outlining how the Association plans to have an increased presence at home games to help provide a welcoming atmosphere to all football alumni.  Please reach out to us if you plan on attending a game(s) this fall, we want to make sure your game day is as exciting as when you exploded onto the field with the Old Gray Mare playing in the background!


Once a Racer, Always a Racer


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