Mission Statement

Mission-Possible-LogoThe Association’s mission is to create a network of former players, coaches, staff and supporters to provide donated funds exclusively for Racer football in compliance with Murray State University (MSU) and NCAA regulations for the educational and athletic needs which may not be funded by the normal University operating budget.  Association funds will be used to support student-athlete achievement, educational expenses permitted by MSU and the NCAA, nutrition, health, safety, equipment and facility enhancements. Our goal is to create a focused network to help recognize and encourage Racer football program excellence while expanding involvement from former Racer players, coaches, staff members and friends.

The Racer Football Alumni Association is not part of or affiliated in any manner with Murray State University, the Murray State University Athletic Department or the Racer Club. While it will always be our purpose to partner and support the University, the Athletic Department, the athletic staff and Racer Club in common projects beneficial to the football program, our mission is to provide a network for financial support of the football program from former players, coaches, staff, friends and supporters who may not be season ticket holders or may not return to campus on a regular basis. 


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